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Candy Love

In Love Life, Candy has since settled down with her university sweet heart. Three years after graduating from Anteros Academy, Candy is the owner and manager of the Cosy Bear Café. Follow Candy as she navigates her way through adulthood with the help of her love, friends, and family.

candy love

Sprinkle glitter all over the glue, and stick 2 googly eyes on the plain part at the top of each clothespin.Cut the pipe cleaners in half, and fold each one around each pack of candy, pulling tightly, so that the candy is kind of squished together a little bit. Leave the ends of the pipe cleaners open at the top.Slide a clothespin onto the middle of each package of candy where the pipe cleaner is cinching it together.Related: Love Bug CupcakesNow twist the open ends of the pipe cleaners to look like little antennas on each one.Fun and easy Valentine treat to make with the kids!

Say hello to Ribbuild, our streamlined pattern editor.Built by and for designers, the idea is simple: you add the instructions and Ribbuild does the rest.That includes automatic pattern translation, measuring units conversion, smart sizing, and so much more.Start selling your patterns in an interactive format and use $elFee, your personal smart fee, that gives you full control over your fees.Patterns you upload to Ribblr are not exclusive and always remains yours.We recommend your patterns to crafters who will love them, based on their interests, all completely for FREE. Pretty, cool, ha?Find out all Ribblr has to offer for designers.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Pod King Elf Bar's Candy Love disposable vape. This delicious blend of candied fruit flavors is sure to please, with a smooth, satisfying hit that will keep you coming back for more. Compact and easy to use, Candy Love is the perfect choice for those who love a sweet, fruity vape. Try it today and experience the delectable taste of Candy Love.

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Equal parts sexy, fashionable, and delectable, these fun wearable treats are the ultimate in edible undergarments for the boudoir. Each stretchable item has traditional candy necklace beads with elastic strung throughout to create a one size fits most garment or accessory. 041b061a72


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