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Caesar 3 Download Full Version Deutsch [WORK]

Save Water, Drink Beer Barberousse Pleb posted 03-13-09 16:03 ET (US) 5 / 28 I managed to find a version that works on this web site: -caesar-3/1461-editeur-cartes.phpIt's in French. No problem for me though since it's my language.It's good to see this place is still somewhat active. You guys can expect at least one new scenario coming in the next few weeks. fuelcell Pleb posted 04-22-09 12:26 ET (US) 6 / 28 That French site may have a version that works but what buttons does an English speaking user push to get the download I tried various buttons but sinct I did not know what I was getting into I decided to see if you could offer a little insight into the download problem joshofet Pleb posted 04-23-09 03:50 ET (US) 7 / 28 Follow the link in the opening post of this thread. If that doesn't work call again.[This message has been edited by joshofet (edited 04-23-2009 @ 03:52 AM).] geev Pleb posted 06-12-09 04:57 ET (US) 8 / 28 Hi, I just found a really old copy of this game I got back when it came out and I am running Vista 64 anyone know where i can find a 64 bit version patch it wont let me install the one o this site. street Pleb posted 06-12-09 07:00 ET (US) 9 / 28 I am also running Vista, I had to install in in compatability mode.Are you a victim? Of anything? Become a survivor by working for change. If anyone else suffers less than I did, then my pain has served a purpose and I hurt less.Try it ! joshofet Pleb posted 06-12-09 07:49 ET (US) 10 / 28 The 64 bit part might do you in. There is no patch for that, would you expect one for PacMan? Check with the Tech forum and search for "64" to find related threads. geev Pleb posted 06-12-09 14:48 ET (US) 11 / 28 I tried the compatibility mode but still give me the (The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running and so one. and i checked the tech forums, i just figured i would ask in case someone had already known where i could find a patch for it. Its not like it doesn't run on the 64bit OS i just wanted all the game fixes that the patch gave. nite_c3 Pleb posted 06-25-09 06:27 ET (US) 12 / 28 Hi guys i want help i got Caesar III disk whenever i m tryin to apply patch 1.0 or 1.1 it shows error "The file D:\SIERRA\Caesar\c3.exe is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded" can anyone tell me what problem it wud b....plz joshofet Pleb posted 06-25-09 11:18 ET (US) 13 / 28 There is no patch 1.0, that is the original game. You need to have the correct language patch and if your original version is from Packard Bell, no patch will work. Pecunia CBH Seraph posted 06-27-09 03:38 ET (US) 14 / 28 Probably your game is already patched... you can see the version if you start the game and then go to Help -> About. If it says 1.1 there, no need to patch Angel Pecunia HG Downloads programmer and techieCaesar IV Heaven Children of the Nile Heaven Citadel of Poseidon (Zeus/Poseidon) The Great Wall (Emperor) MissyMart1956 Pleb posted 03-15-15 12:59 ET (US) 15 / 28 Hi All, Can Anybody tell me if there is any way to edit the terrain map for a saved game. I know you can edit scenarios from the game but don't see how I can edit other maps or change a .sav to .map so it can be edited. Any help would be so appreciated. Have been searching for over a month. Cant find anything that helps. Brugle HG Alumnus posted 03-15-15 16:26 ET (US) 16 / 28 Hi MissyMart1956, welcome to Caesar III Heaven. I don't know of a way to edit the terrain map of a saved game. A saved game cannot be changed to a map file, since a map file does not have all of the information in a saved game.Why do you want to change the terrain map of a saved game? If it is to make it easier to play, identify the saved game and we might help you play it. MissyMart1956 Pleb posted 03-15-15 21:45 ET (US) 17 / 28 Thanks all for the welcome and the help. Brugle I like to play one of the maps in consul on the careers. Have been playing it forever and have completed it several times. I was just wanting to put a water spot on the map and play it once without having to deal with so many aqueducts no reason other then that, just for fun. I do appreciate the help though. Thanks gabojosue Pleb posted 09-07-15 09:16 ET (US) 18 / 28 Someone have this caesar3 models editor?Sorry for any inconvenience in this link: PD: the link download is broken and i want to have it!I want to have it for easy caesar3 housing modifications.I want also an editor wich edit the whole file (building cost, desirability values, etc).The editor is the unique i have found in english; but in this page (under), the model editor is in german language and when i install and open the editor, its show an error, search in tools section: --Other requests--Also if somebody can tell me how to make a fort with +16 soldiers to fight against 1024 enemies in a tiny map without having build too many forts by the annoying size they have.I changed the value in caesar3.model in this part:44,Fort - Javelin,,500,0,2,2,8,16,0,0,,16 or multiple of 1657,Fort,,50,-20,2,2,8,16,0,0,,16 or multiple of 16to44,Fort - Javelin,,500,0,2,2,8,32,0,0,,16 or multiple of 1657,Fort,,50,-20,2,2,8,32,0,0,,16 or multiple of 16...but nothing changes.Note: the enemies come with the cheat, Ctrl+k and Ctrl+k in the well info panel and the ? icon info panel.Also someone have an idea for instant house building like Caesar4? (caesar 4 allow instant build houses in three types; i want something similar for caesar 3!).I want to instantly build an Small Casa with a cost of 500 denarii for fast population.PD: Caesar 3 may be an super old game but is too funny to play.Thanks anyway...[This message has been edited by gabojosue (edited 09-09-2015 @ 00:10 AM).] TheCannonator Pleb posted 01-05-16 18:55 ET (US) 19 / 28 I purchased the digital download from Gamestop and the Caesar 3 Update from the downloads section doesn't work for me, after I install it, it says insert CD-Rom which isn't possible it was a digital download any help? Brugle HG Alumnus posted 01-06-16 09:36 ET (US) 20 / 28 TheCannonator,See the answer to your question in the Caesar III: Game Help forum. Kite_Builder Pleb posted 03-09-17 14:30 ET (US) 21 / 28 Helloi downloaded the german patch. but, if i try to open the "c3up11De.exe"-file in the unzipped folder, there comes a message, that this does not work on my pc...the basic "caesar III" from cd works on my win 10 pc.How con i add the patch to my game?I think, the downloaded file is a setup-wizard.So can anyone, who got it to work, zip the things, he/she got from this setup and and upload them anywhere for me to download (send me the download-link per e-mail)[This message has been edited by Kite_Builder (edited 03-09-2017 @ 03:16 PM).] olcix Pleb posted 07-30-17 15:11 ET (US) 22 / 28 hello everyone.i need to find map editor for c3 but all links are broken. is there anyone to help. Brugle HG Alumnus posted 07-30-17 17:01 ET (US) 23 / 28 Hi olcix, welcome to Caesar III Heaven. Have you looked in our Downloads? The original map editor (which I've used) and a map editor which should work on newer operating systems (which I haven't tried). Gratuitous Pylon Pleb posted 03-13-21 09:29 ET (US) 24 / 28 Any chance for a Polish patch? I think everyone local just posts the US one and even if not, it's an .exe not an extracted one so it won't work. Pecunia CBH Seraph posted 03-14-21 01:09 ET (US) 25 / 28 I don't think the Polish version was ever patched to 1.1 (neither were the Russian and Chinese versions). If you do have an installer, let me know.An alternative is using Julius and installing the fan-translated patch files.Angel Pecunia HG Downloads programmer and techieCaesar IV Heaven Children of the Nile Heaven Citadel of Poseidon (Zeus/Poseidon) The Great Wall (Emperor) Gratuitous Pylon Pleb posted 03-14-21 12:28 ET (US) 26 / 28 Thank you for the reply. How can I send you the installer? Just hotlink it? I am aware about Julius, just didn't consider it because I want to introduce to C3 a person new to it and didn't want to confuse them too much. I had to check it out anyway, as why wouldn't I check out the awesome? I think it's actually patched the baseline out as it was running for the first time, so well done!I've experienced a resolution glitch though where Julius put me in windowed mode rather than just 1024x768 and after that the baseline game was unable to launch properly (displayed three little magenta&green windows which were unable to be clicked after the menu screen passed) until I switched the window back in Julius using F6 button.Perhaps time to finally create a Github account! Pecunia CBH Seraph posted 03-16-21 02:47 ET (US) 27 / 28 Just put the link in a reply here and I'll have a look Regarding the glitching: C3 and Julius share the same configuration file, so if you put Julius in windowed mode, next time C3 will also start in windowed mode. Since C3 doesn't work well with 32-bits colors, you get the green and purple screen like you mentioned. Not much we can do about it, I'm afraid.Angel Pecunia HG Downloads programmer and techieCaesar IV Heaven Children of the Nile Heaven Citadel of Poseidon (Zeus/Poseidon) The Great Wall (Emperor) Gratuitous Pylon Pleb posted 03-17-21 03:28 ET (US) 28 / 28 The blue button: I still think it's just the US one.Funny enough, just 2 days ago another website has put Julius files over there.The Julius pack regarding Polish contains just .eng and .emp files, I've been wondering whether it actually works without ever launching Julius (it's in the .emp right?). I am satisfied with the current position though. The .eng contents still say version 1.0 although I don't pay much attention to it.Quoted from Pecunia:

Caesar 3 Download Full Version Deutsch


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