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Our dating app and all of its basic features are absolutely free to use. Only selected features designed to enhance your experience are restricted to the premium membership. Never before has there been a dating site made with the special purpose of providing the best possible guys experience for every trans woman and man. Finding love, friendship, fun, or even just a sense of belonging is now easier than ever with Taimi and quality trans community. Give yourself the chance to go after what you deserve, and join us today. Trans dating world is rough, but we make it easier.

JB: I agree completely that nothing is more important for transgender people than to have access to excellent health care in trans-affirmative environments, to have the legal and institutional freedom to pursue their own lives as they wish, and to have their freedom and desire affirmed by the rest of the world. This will happen only when transphobia is overcome at the level of individual attitudes and prejudices and in larger institutions of education, law, health care, and kinship.

JB: Sometimes there are ways to minimize the importance of gender in life, or to confuse gender categories so that they no longer have descriptive power. But other times gender can be very important to us, and some people really love the gender that they have claimed for themselves. If gender is eradicated, so too is an important domain of pleasure for many people. And others have a strong sense of self bound up with their genders, so to get rid of gender would be to shatter their self-hood. I think we have to accept a wide variety of positions on gender. Some want to be gender-free, but others want to be free really to be a gender that is crucial to who they are.

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For many observers, the policy assumptions that underlie the prescriptions of many major governments spell one grim message: international disengagement. There is growing concern that the image being promoted of an Africa increasingly enamoured of liberal-democracy and free-market economies is essentially a ruse by many non-African governments and international organisations to abandon any commitment to the seemingly perpetual turmoil and uncertainties that are Africa. To that extent, some suggest, Africa will be abandoned to its forlorn fate, and with the decline of international interest, millions will have only emergency relief assistance to define their futures.

Africa watchers have over the past three years begun to identify a dominant new reality: the violence engulfing so many parts of the continent will stem more and more from intra as opposed to inter-state conflict. Yet, this relative distinction misses the true dynamics presently affecting Africa which will continue over a prolonged period of transition.

Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and other recent conflicts have in too many instances blinded observers from another grim reality: trans-border violence has spilled over large swathes of Africa. This is true for the axis that sweeps from Eritrea through to Angola and from the DRC to Zimbabwe.

In the first place there is the growing prospect of an even greater gap between Western assumptions about what is happening in Africa and the reality. In part, this will be the result of the simplistic perceptions and prescriptions ironically borne out of the developed world’s frustration with the continent’s uncertain, if not turbulent, future. In part, it will be because of the assumption that the values and interests of trans-national elites do represent to a significant extent the interests and values of Africa.

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