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Where Can I Buy A Red Wagon

I highly agree. The corn dogs at Disneyland are by far the best in the Disney parks. I love them and get one every time I enter DL. Sadly, I tried the corn dogs at DisneyWorld, at the Animal Kingdom, and they were nowhere near as good.

where can i buy a red wagon

Not able to make it to the store or need something shipped? No problem, just call and we'll be happy to take your phone order and ship anywhere within the USA. (except Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.)

The toy that sticks out the most is my red Radio Flyer wagon. My dad will tell the story of how my uncle asked him if he could buy me a wagon and my dad told him sure, as long as it was put together already. So one day, my uncle brought over a red Radio Flyer wagon that was all put together. As I said before my uncle died when I was very little, but his memory never has. No, I didn't know him very well, but that wagon been put to good use and has never let me forget him. My sister, my cousins, friends, other relatives, and myself have all had the pleasure of getting rides in the little red wagon. My sister and I used to pull it behind our bicycles.

The most important memory that wagon has created for me comes with another uncle, Uncle Leo (Unk). Unk moved to Indianapolis after suffering a stroke when I was 4 or 5. He was our babysitter growing up. He lived right next door with my grandparents, and when we moved when I was 10 he moved in with us(I'm 24 now). He was a farmer from Ohio and he used my wagon to do all kinds of yard work around our house. My sister and I (not so willingly) helped and have been blessed to learn the basics of mud pie making and gardening from him. It is hard to put into words the memories that were created, but I cannot look at that wagon without remembering my uncles. Unk died this past November, but I still have my red Radio Flyer wagon. And while it is rusted, chipped paint and not in mint condition any more, I wouldn't trade all the memories it holds for a new one, ever. For me, that wagon isn't just a "toy", it's a reminder of the memories shared with two great men who I miss dearly, my Uncle Bill and Unk.- Kathleen, Indianapolis 041b061a72


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